Acne Treatment With Accutane – How?

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Accutane is considered the most effective prescription based treatment for acne. However, it is usually prescribed to people that have serious cases of acne.

Acne Treatment With Accutane How

What is Accutane?

Accutane derives from Vitamin A. It is much like another acne treatment called tretinoin (Retin-A), but it comes in pill form and is much more potent than tretinoin. Its medical name is Isotretinoin.

How does it work to get rid of acne? It works by reducing the excess production of sebum by reducing the size of sebaceous glands. This stops sebum getting to the skin beyond what is required and therefore prevents blocked pores, which of course lead to acne in the form of blackheads such as comedones.

Who is it for?

People who have serious cases of acne.

Have tried other acne treatments without much success.

Often, the result after a few weeks of starting Accutane is that the acne often appears worse than prior to starting on Accutane.

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What to do before using Accutane?

You will need to see a doctor or a dermatologist to discuss your acne. They will determine whether it merits the use of Accutane. A lot of doctors hesitate in giving prescription because of the possibility of some serious side effects.

You should undergo tests for your liver to check everything is fine. Accutane is almost as well known for the possible side effects as it is for its treatment of acne. However, it must be stressed that the major side effects are very rare, and most people use Accutane with great success.

Any women planning on getting pregnant or already are should avoid Accutanes at all cost. There is an incredibly high chance that it may affect a fetus and the likelihood of a child being born with birth defects.

Acne Treatment With Accutane

It has also been linked to causing the onset of depression. However, it must be stressed that the link is not totally conclusive. It is also believed Accutanes can make one feel suicidal at times.

Some of Accutane’s users have reported Hairloss/thinning.

Here are some side effects that are very common. However, these are not serious and do not really deter people from using Accutane because of them:

Like Retin-A, which is applied topically, Accutane can also increase sensitivity to the sun. The best practice to counter this is to apply a thin layer of sun cream when out in the sun. You should avoid sun tanning or exposure to the sun for a long period of time because of the likelihood of skin damage and burns.

It can also cause general irritation, especially in the acne-affected areas and the eyes.

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