How to Cure Bladder Cancer Naturally

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There are various types of how to cure bladder cancer, which is dependant on the location of cancer, the stage of cancer, and your overall health. Surgery Even with surgery, various types can be used for bladder cancer. The types of surgery available for patients with bladder cancer include Transurethral resection, radical cystectomy, and segmental cystectomy.

How to Cure Bladder Cancer

How to Cure Bladder Cancer Naturally

Transurethral Surgery

During this type of surgery, a small tube will be inserted through the urethra into the bladder. After the tube is in place, a small instrument will be used by way of the tube to remove the tumor or to burn the tumor with electric impulses.

Radical cystectomy

During this type of surgery, the entire bladder, lymph nodes, other tissues, and organs in the area will be removed. This surgery is often used when bladder cancer has spread to tissues nearby the bladder. Men often have the prostate and seminal vesicles removed, whereas, women have the uterus, ovaries, and a portion of the vagina removed. During this process, the surgeon will create another way in which for the urine to leave the body.

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Segmental cystectomy

During this type of surgery, only a portion of the bladder is removed. Once the surgery is complete, patients will still be able to urinate normally.

Radiation therapy

Radiation therapy is often used for various types of cancer. The treatment involves using high energy x-rays that is aimed at cancer with the desire to kill all cancer cells. This treatment is often used instead of chemotherapy as it can be directed to a specific area in such cases of a tumor without any signs of spreading.

Chemotherapy Bladder Cancer

Chemotherapy is another form of treatment for many types of cancer. This treatment is aggressive and kills cancer cells throughout the entire body. The drugs used to destroy cancer cells also kills normal cells, therefore, the sessions are divided whereas treatment will be given, then the body will have a couple of weeks to recover before another round of chemotherapy is given.

Biologic Therapy In some cases, patients may be given this type of treatment to help their own immune system fight off infections. This is normally given along with chemotherapy. The main reason this treatment is given is due to the fact that chemotherapy will destroy the cells that aid in preventing infection.

There are at this time a few clinical trials being conducted that a few patients have preferred to use over the regular treatment options. Chemoprevention and Photodynamic therapy are the most popular.

Chemoprevention is the use of vitamins, drugs, or other items that decrease the chances of developing bladder cancer or to aid in the reduction of a recurrence. Photodynamic therapy is a treatment that utilizes both a drug and a laser light. The drug that is given is only activated at the time it is exposed to the laser light. The drug collects in cancer cells more than it does in healthy cells, and then the laser light is taken to the cancer cells through fiberoptic tubes to destroy the cells. Once the laser light hits the cancer cells, the drug begins to act and kills the cells. This type of treatment helps prevent destroying the healthy cells that is seen with chemotherapy.

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