How to Treat Acne Scar on Face

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This guide provides a comprehensive list of acne treatments ranging from acne medication prescribed by a doctor to over-the-counter acne treatments to natural remedy for acne. It also considers treating the causes of acne. It will consider the cost, and more importantly, the effectiveness of these treat acne scar on face. For more information on the individual treatments, please click on the appropriate link.

How to Treat Acne Scar on Face

How to Treat Acne Scar on Face

Acne is the condition of the skin in which pimples or spots – from blackheads to red nodules that are often painful – are noticed on your skin. These spots are in general noticed in the chest, back, arms and most importantly, the face.

Acne makes its appearance during puberty. The reason is, as one can guess, the changes in the level of hormone. This change in hormone level triggers the increased production of sebum from sebaceous glands. This sebum if combines with the dead cells of skin clog the hair follicle, thus resulting in spots.

Treat acne scar that appears at the time of puberty, disappear on its own after some time as the body is used to the hormonal changes in most cases. In some people, acne does stay even after a year, which requires treatment.

There are various treatment options available for acne. Let us go through some of the most popular ones here.

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Benzoyl Peroxide

The most popular form of acne treatment is Benzoyl Peroxide. This can be obtained from a pharmacy at different strength levels starting from 2.5%. Benzoyl Peroxide helps to unplug blocked pores which reduce the activity of the sebaceous glands thus resulting in lower levels of sebum.

Retinoids are vitamin-A derivatives. These are very effective in curing blackheads, whiteheads, and comedonal acne. Retinoid does increase the turn over of the skin cell. This promotes the removal of the clogged material in the hair follicle. Thus the root cause of the acne is thwarted resulting in the disappearance of the spots.

Adopting suitable treat acne scar will definitely help an individual not only have a healthier-looking skin but also your overall health will be improved.

There are popular acne medication that are prescribed by doctors.

Minocycline Tretinoin (Retina) is a derivative of vitamin-A. It has been shown to be highly effective when applied lightly on the affected area of the skin. It is highly advisable that sunscreen of SPF 30 (minimum of 15) is used to avoid sunburn when retina treated area is exposed to sunlight.

Tetracycline Accutane For more on acne medication

There is a host of acne treatments that can be bought with or without a doctor’s prescription from a pharmacy. It should be remembered that many of these treat acne scar are relatively weak. If you have severe acne, this may not be the right solution for you. A lot of the treatments low strength retinoic acid, silicic acid.

Natural treatments for acne emphasize the need for clean diet and exercise. Although the effectiveness of natural treatments for acne is often debated, there is evidence from sufferers that cutting excess fat, oily food, does in fact help in reducing acne breakouts and help reduce acne.

There are also other natural acne remedies. There are acne medications that contain natural ingredients.

Treating the causes of acne One of the best ways to treat acne scar is to actually treat the causes of acne. This way acne will be much more under control and fewer breakouts as a result.

Treat Acne Scar Chemical peels Home chemical peel

The doctor administered a chemical peel

Chemical peeling is used to remove the top layer of the skin thus getting rid of spots in acne. These chemicals peel also guarantee even color to the face. Chemical peels are of immense help for superficial and hollow acne.

The chemicals are applied with the help of applicator all over the face. The applicator is in general cotton-tipped. Light peels heal faster while the strong peels require up to two weeks to heel completely.

Keep Healthy

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Laser acne treatment

This is yet another successful acne treatment. The laser is primarily used to treat acne scars rather than acne itself. Light laser [dye yellow pulsed], YAG laser [erbium], and carbon did-oxide laser [undulated] are the most common user lasers. These lasers are very effective to treat superficial acne. In this technique, high-energy light that is amplified is used to vaporize the top layer of the skin, thus removing the unwanted spots.

Since acne is often a result of increased sebum production from the sebaceous glands that lead to a breakout of spots, pimples, it stands to reason that treating the cause will help reduce acne. Nizoral, which contains Ketoconazole 1% or stronger Ketoconazole 2%, is regarded as one of the best treatments there is in reducing sebum production.

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