How to Treat Acne Scars on Face Naturally

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There are a variety of treatments for acne scars, but many individuals do not understand the differences or the pros and cons of each procedure. Below are the various types along with how the process is performed and an estimated cost to help you choose the best acne scar treatment for you.

How to Treat Acne Scars on Face

Treat Acne Scars on Face Naturally


Dermabrasion is the use of a machine that has rotating coarse wheels similar to sandpaper. Before the procedure, the skin will be numbed or frozen. The process is about 30 minutes to an hour. The process is best for light or very dark skin patients. Costs are around $1,500 per treatment. In most cases, more than one treatment is necessary. Recovery will take the form of scabs after a few days. When the scabs fall off, your face will be red for quite a while. Normally, you will be able to return to your regular routine within 2 weeks.

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Laser Resurfacing

Laser resurfacing is performed with a laser that will remove the skin so new skin can grow in its place. The process is best for those with lighter skin. The cost of the procedure is around $3,000 per treatment. Mayor may not need additional treatments. After the treatment, you will notice swelling and redness in the area. You may also need to wear a bandage and apply ointment. The skin may stay a bit pink for months after the procedure.

Chemical Peels

Chemical peels remove the top layer of the skin so new smoother skin can grow. The entire process only takes about 15 minutes. The cost of the procedure is around $750 for each session. Chemical peels will need to be repeated several times for best results. Redness and swelling is expected during the recovery time along with some dryness and possible flaking of the skin. The recovery time varies from one patient to another and depends on the type of acid used but normally from one day to several weeks.

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How To Treat Acne Scar On Face

Punch Techniques

There are three different techniques used when it comes to Punch Techniques. The first one is the removal of the scar and a skin graft is used to replace the scarred area. The second technique removes the scar and then the scar is closed and given time to heal. The third technique only cuts the scar loose but does not remove it, it moves up to the level of the skin around it. In many cases, PunchTechniques are combined with other acne scar treatments such as laser or dermabrasion. The cost is about $50 for each punch. These techniques can take several weeks to heal.


Augmentation is a process that injects usually the person’s own fat under the scar, which brings the scar to the level of the surrounding skin. In most cases, augmentation is only temporary and last usually around six months. The cost is around $300 to $700 according to the area covered. There is no recovering time and most patients resume their daily routine immediately.

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Saline Injections

Saline injections are a procedure when saline is injected into the scar, which allows new collagen to form. This type of treatment is mainly used for shallow acne scars. Normally, it takes four or five sessions with each injections costing about $100. Recovery is fast.

All of these acne scars treatments do show improvement in the skin. However, it most cases, one treatment is usually not enough for most individuals. You should talk with your physician to ensure you choose the best treatment for you according to the depth of the acne scars.

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