How to Treat Bad Breath at Home

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Practically every person on this earth has a time with bad breath, whether it is rare or is a major problem. The main reason we all have bad breath is due to the buildup of food particles and bacteria in our mouth. There are a few things you can do to treat bad breath that will work at least in most cases unless the odor is from gum disease.

How to Treat Bad Breath Naturally

How to Treat Bad Breath at Home

Above all else, visit your dentist twice per year. He will be able to professionally clean your teeth and rid your mouth of the plaque buildup that can lead to bad breath. As well as cleaning your teeth, he will be able to watch for signs of gum disease or other problems with your teeth and gums that may be the cause of your bad breath.

Some foods and drinks can cause bad breath. The main offenders are garlic, onion, sugar, alcohol, and coffee. These can cause your breath to take on a foul odor.

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Breathe through your nose. A dry mouth which is often associated with breathing through the mouth is the perfect home for bacteria to grow. One major cause of bad breaths is bacteria, therefore, keep that mouth shut.

Keep track of the foods you eat as well as any medications you take. Pay attention to the foods that cause bad breaths. This information should be given to your dentist.

Brush your teeth at least twice per day along with your tongue to remove plaque and food particles

Floss your teeth prior to going to bed to remove plaque and food particles that can become trapped between your teeth that your toothbrush cannot reach.

Use a fluoride mouthwash that has antiseptic ingredients

Use over the counter breath fresheners

Carry mints and gum, so you can use these when you are out and will not be able to brush your teeth after eating.

If the bad breath persists, you should check with your dentist or doctor to learn if there could be underlying health problems.

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